Fire Stopping & Fire Barriers


Why do we Fire Stop?

Firstly and most importantly we “Fire Stop” because the Law states that any building with people in it has to provides “Safe Means of Escape”. This means that stairwells, lift shafts and escape routes must be constructed to prevent the passage of fire and Smoke for a specific amount of time, this is a legal requirement to protect your staff or visitors. We fire stop because our installations not only stop the spread of a fire and preventing total property devastation but also to stop the deadly spread of smoke.

How do we do that?

Calacon can provide a high quality professional installation for any firestopping requirement.

Using high quality, industry standard products and experienced installation engineers gives Calacon the edge amongst our competitors and ensure our customers receive the high standard of work they deserve for the firestopping we complete for them.

The most common identified cause of death from a fire incident In the UK is being overcome by gas or smoke. In 2006 there was 88,700-property fire in the UK, which unfortunately caused 491 fire-related deaths*
*Source – National statistics – Fire & Rescue Services Statistics release for 2006

Where is firestopping required? – Simply in all properties.

Existing Buildings

Firestopping Board Enclosures – Effectively surrounding the required structure to be protected with a firestopping rated board protecting against the effects of a fire for a pre-determined time.

Intumescent firestopping Coatings – An effective way of protecting structural steel work and applied as a spray.

General firestopping – firestopping between floors and walls is critical to ensure the prevention of a fire travel from one area into another. Without adequate firestopping a small un- contained fire within a room could lead to total building loss or even possible fatalities

At Calacon we have achieved an excellent reputation for our installations of passive firestopping systems. Our operatives are highly trained to deal with all firestopping installation issues. These include but are not limited to: Penetration & Cavity Barriers, Fire Curtains, Structural Steel protection and a highly experienced team to install firestopping cladding to ductwork and fire rated partitions for compartmentation.

New Builds

The use of firestopping rated materials has been part of our British standards for quite some time now but many builders do not realize the potential risk they take by not employing the services of a third party expert in this field as it is not until a property suffers fire damage will investigations begin.

We produce highly decretive and modern finishes to:

Fire Rated Walls and de-mountable partitions.
High standard fire doors with automatic door closures in various finishes.
Fire rated seals between floors – Electrical & Pipe riser penetrations for example.
Fire rated ceilings.
All our Installations use manufactures approved systems of firestopping installations depending on your application and fire rating which could be 30, 60, 90, 120 or even 240 minutes.

We can liaise closely with your building control officers or designers to ensure you do not have fire integrity issues.

Calacon Protects your People, Your Buildings & The Environment.

Fire Safety Qualifications