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fire-doorCalacon Systems can offer an excellent service in on-site replacement of fire doors. Our team has years of experience in installing fire doors and have done so in nearly every area in the country, please get in touch today for further information.

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Fire Doors – What you need to know!

fire-door-descBuildings are compartmented to delay the spread of fire from one area to another. The compartments are usually linked by doors to allow for passage of ‘traffic’ around the building. Door sets have two important functions in a fire, when closed they form a barrier from fire spread and when open they provide a means of escape.

A well designed timber fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke without causing too much hindrance to the movement of people and goods. Different parts of a building may be separated from each other, into compartments of a fire-resisting construction.

Any openings leading from them will have fire doors to maintain an effective fire barrier and should prevent excessive transmission of products of combustion which can interfere with the safe use of escape routes.

Every fire door is therefore required to act as a barrier to the passage of smoke and fire to varying degrees and minutes dependent upon its location in a building and the fire hazard associated with the building.

Consequently the functions of a fire doors is to provide adequate resistance to the passage of smoke and other combustion products during the early stages of a fire.

Secondly to provide a barrier to a well-developed fire without permitting fire and excessive quantities of smoke to pass. Some doors may be required to fulfill only the first function as they may not be subjected to the full severity of a fire because of their location; others may have the main aim of resisting fire penetration as indicated by the second function.

Some may have to meet both requirements. At present, fire doors are specified as smoke-stop doors when required to fulfill the first function and fire-check and fire-resisting doors to fulfill the second,

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